Firefox 4 – “First impressions” or “How to get the status bar back”

Posted by Paltar on April 3, 2011 in Internet |

A few days ago Mozilla released their new Version of Firefox. So I took a look at the new Firefox 4 and the first things I noticed were some changes in the user interface. Here is a short list of the changes I didn’t like and how to fix them.

First thing I didn’t like about the new version were the tabs on top. The tabs are now by default above the navigation bar. This may be more logical but personally, I don’t like it. I prefer them right above the web pages. The good thing is,  there is a quick fix for this. Just uncheck the option “Tabs on top” to be found either under Firefox-Button -> Options or when right clicking on an empty spot next to the tabs.

Next I noticed there is no status bar anymore. To get it back with all the functions known from Firefox 3.6, you need to do more than just find the right settings. But the AddOn Status-4-Evar can help. After its installation you get a status bar showing the target of links under your mouse pointer, the servers Firefox is contacting while loading a page and a progress par while loading a page.

One minor detail I didn’t like about the new interface was the new position of the “reload page” button. It’s now on the right side of the URL bar. But with the option “Customize…” I dragged the button to the left beside the back/forward buttons. Also, the “reload page” and “abort” buttons are now combined into one button. I will try that out. If I don’t like it, this too can be changed by “Customize…”.

Apart from that Firefox 4 looks pretty good. The often stated increase in speed seems to be true. But then again I haven’t installed all AddOns yet. So a direct comparison is not really fair.

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